Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a little something I always want to remember about Nathan....

Lately, when he either wants something his way or knows he is doing something bad, he will say " oh, sorry....." whether it be for example... today he grabbed his nasal saline out of his little medicine bag... Unscrewed the cap and said " oh, sorry but I'm gonna SPRAY!!!!" and away he DID!

Or another example, when it comes to bedtime, we have put up a fight with him pretty much since he was born with him going to sleep. He hates bedtime!! But, when we tell him it's time for bed he will say something like " oh, sorry. But I'm not tired" or " oh sorry, but I'm not ready for bed" ( and then Kyle and I take turns putting him back in bed for at least an hour ( EVERY NIGHT)... But that's a whole other post ;)

I love that he thinks if he says sorry then he doesn't have to do it, or it's not right. I love the way 3 year olds think :)

( and seriously!!! How many commas did I just use!?!! I'm sure I used most of them in the wrong place too ;) )

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