Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little update on the 3rd month of life

So Nathan's 3 month of life has been pretty eventful. A little scary I also might add. On December 12th, I was playing with Nathan. Making monkey sounds at him and what happened?!! I got the BIGGEST laugh EVVVVVER!!!! I almost cried. It was the sweetest sound I've ever heard. Sure he laughs in his sleep a lot, but me, his mommy, got the biggest laugh. He hasn't laughed like that again much, but I'll remember that sound for the rest of my life.

On a sad note. Kyle fell asleep with him on the couch one night, I was laying in bed watching t.v and I heard the worst sound ever. Nathan rolled off of Kyle and hit the floor!! HARDWOOD FLOOR!!!! He cried, and to took him in my arms and walked around telling him that he was okay. Then Kyle starts crying cause he felt so bad. So now I have to boys crying!! I told Kyle that it was okay, and babies sometime either roll off the changing table or fall off the couch, and he was going to be okay.

I was so worried about falling asleep because I wanted to make sure that Nathan was going to be alright. and guess what?! He was. Kyle still feels so bad about it.

Okay, on a much happier note. I swear that Nathan has said mama and mommy!!!! Sure he doesn't know what he is saying... but I know I heard it. :)

He sometimes like to watch HGTV with me. I'll put him in his swing ( which is right next to the tv and I'll catch him watching it. I don't like for him to watch much right now, because I have heard it is bad for babies to watch tv. But I think it is cute.

And now we are getting ready for Christmas. We are having a Christmas with my mom on Sunday. I am excited for Nathan to get a few more toys. I have a really cute outfit I might put him in. But then on Christmas day we are going to Kyle's parents house, and I think I would like him to wear the same outfit. I guess I'll just have to wash it before then.

Well that is pretty much the only thing that has been going on for the past almost 3 months. He is getting bigger and stronger each day. I just love that little boy so much. It is unreal.

Monday, December 8, 2008

3 month pictures

This is the look I usually get if he see's me with the camera.

Sitting up on the couch like a big boy!!

Poor child always wearing a bib. I hope he out grows the reflux soon!!

3 months and GROWING!!!!

Kyle and I took Nathan to the doctor today for a weight check and just a general check up. Last month he weighed 9.3 lbs and was ( I think) 22 inches long. Well today... just 1 month later he weighed 12.7 lbs!!!!! He gained just over 3 pounds in 1 month!!!!! He is 23 inches tall and his little head is still 16 inches round.

The doctor, for some reason, thinks he might be a little anemic. She never told me why she thought that. But didn't seemed concerned. She just asked if his formula had iron in it. Which it does. We talked about him spitting up so much too. She told me to start giving him 1 tablespoon of rice cereal in the morning and before bed too.

Kyle has been sick this weekend, so the doctor gave him a Z-pack. I kind of thought I should have got one too. My throat started hurting more as soon as we left. I really hope Nathan doesn't get sick.

Over all our little blonde hair, blue eyed boy is doing WONDERFUL!!!