Sunday, February 21, 2010

Storytime Live!!!!

Yes, That's right friends, Storytime Live is coming to our area!!! And guess who's going? WE ARE!!! As crazy as it is, Nathan loves Dora and Boots ( not as much as Max and Ruby, I wish they were in the lineup ): )

Tonight when I was ordering the tickets, He was sitting next to me and saw the ad, and OMG he was excited!!! He started whispering "Dora", " Boots" over and over again. I think he will love it!!! I planned our seats( as much as I could) pretty well I think. We will be sitting in the balcony on the side. I don't want to be down on the main floor with all the crazy, germ infested kids ( no offence) I am really excited, and probably have no idea what we are getting ourselves into by doing this when Nathan is only 18 months old, but it will be adventure, and I'm ready for it!

Check back in late March to see if we make it out of there still sane,ha!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why must you fight it?!

So the boy has been fighting naps lately. Sometimes he will give in around 2 or 3, but I just think that is too late for a nap. Usually by 5:00 pm his little eyes are so droopy, and we are looking for anything that has just a little bit of sugar in it, to keep him going just a bit longer. I don't want him going to sleep any earlier than 8 or so, otherwise we will be waking up at 6:00am and I DO NOT want to wake up that early!!! I think this teething thing is getting hard on him. I believe he is cutting up to 6 teeth right now, and they are the big ones in the back. I feel so bad for him. He constantly has his hands crammed in his mouth, just chewing away on his little chubby hands. And since it's been rather cold here lately, his hands feel like little ice blocks :( I give him teething tablets and Tylenol at night sometimes, but I don't want him drugged up all day. I can't wait for this process to be over with, and I'm sure he can't wait either.