Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Under the weather

My poor baby, well technically big boy, has been so sick! He started running a fever Sunday night. We got him a doctors appointment first thing Monday morning. He has( at least that's what the doctor THINKS) an upper respiratory infection. He has been whispering and coughing the past few days. It's so sad! He has only been sick with ear infections 2 times in his 3 years of life. This morning he woke up and started throwing up all over the place. Thank goodness my husband has the type of job where he can take off when I need him to! After he threw up a few more times he was back to his old crazy, loud self again. Although he still has a cough, he is acting much better and his appetite is slowly coming back!

Kyle and I don't handle him being sick very well. I almost started crying when Nathan finally stated acting " normal" again. I really missed him being all crazy and loud :)
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is he or isn't he?...

We have been working on potty training with Nathan for a WHILE! I don't consider him potty trained yet because he never tells us when he needs to go and he doesn't help with any of the pulling down his pants and undies... He just stands there. We ask him several times throughout the day, most of the time he says he doesn't need to go, when he really he does need to. He only goes on either the big potty with a potty ring( only #1 though) and only goes number #2 on his frog shaped potty( Fisher price brand)

Here lately he has been going #2 in his pants and not telling us. It is so frustrating. He knows how to hold his pee( if he doesn't want to stop playing something) and he hasn't had an accident in a LONG TIME! I just can't get him to tell us when he needs to go, or just goes by him self!

Does anyone have any suggestions??!!

Love, Jayme

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trying to make a comeback

So I just got the blogger app on my phone. I'm hoping that having it be RIGHT there will help me keep up with blogging.

Nathan has really grown up here lately. He is reading, practicing writing letters and numbers and is just all in all a super smart little boy. A very tricky, smart little boy. It is hard to get anything by him, and he is quick with the come backs when it comes to convince him to do something.

Well I know I have very few readers, but this will all be pretty much all for my memory :)
Love, Jayme

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