Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you take checks?

Today has been one of those days, one of those FANTASTIC days!!!

Nathan and I got up, made him a pancake and gave him some juice. We played, we built things, we had fun. Then Grandma showed up and I got ready and made a listed and headed to the store, BY MY SELF!! As soon as I dug for my shopping list I realized I didn't have my wallet! Luckily I had checks. Thank goodness I didn't need my driver's license!!

So I made it home and got Nathan some milk ready and he went to bed with out a fight! I wanted to get the vacuum cleaner fixed ( broken belt for a few days is not good) When I first tried to put the belt ( what seems 2 sizes too small) on I was sure I had bought the wrong size. After using a little muscle :) ta-dah! Now Nathan is napping and I'm dying to vacuum, haha!

I think what makes today a little better is knowing that Kyle is off work tomorrow. Since he got screwed in not getting a weekend off he is getting to take a day off this week and a day off next week! I'm kind of excited!!!!!

Well that's it friends, and for now I shall leave you with this...

Nathan Update:

-Still cute as ever!
-Counting to 4 in Spanish!!!
-Can count to 15 in English
-Knows his ABC's and can sing them ( only leaving out a few)
-LOVES money!!! It's so cute to hear him say "Coins" or "Quarter"
-Loves dancing
-When he plays with certain toys he likes to have music on. He has a toy that plays music so he will get it, turn it on and as soon as the music stops, he will stop what he is doing and get it going again. Too Cute!!!!
-Recently had his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese! And oh my word, he LOVED!!!! IT! ( The next day I showed him a picture of him and Mr.Cheese and he said "Chuck Cheese" again, too cute!
-Loves running and playing outside. Current favorite things to play with outside are :Rocks, "helicopter" things that are falling from our tree right now, and chalk!

That's pretty much it for now. He is talking so much and really starting to form sentences. Oh and he has mastered the iphone!, haha

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ily975011 said...

Oh no! good thing you didn't need your ID- i've done the same thing.. Spent almost an hour shopping ( and matching up my coupons) only to get to the register and realize i had left my wallet. And the stores around here won't take checks without your ID! What a hassle!