Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been awhile!!

So it's been awhile since my last post. I really need to keep up with this. If not for my adoring readers, but for me.... later on down the road when Nathan is driving me crazy, and I can go back and read about how sweet he was :)

So he is growing like a weed these days. Strangers think he is at least 2 1/2 or 3! He isn't even 2 yet! He is counting very well these days also! He can count up to 13 and count to 10 in Spanish! He really likes to count down with the microwave and make the beeping sound at the end!

He has known his colors since he was around 13 months old, but here lately everything is PINK! Needless to say, we have been hitting the "colors" book pretty hard!

Back in April we took him to chuck e. cheese for the first time to a birthday party. I thought he would be a little reserved since there was so much noise and so many people. But as soon as we found our group, he was wanting down and trying to take tokens out of peoples cups! He had a blast, and didn't want to leave! He also recently went to his 2nd baseball ( 1st one since he has turned 1) and he had a blast! We had box seats so he was able to run around in the A/C and play with other kids.

I hate to admit this, but he still eats baby food! I try every day to offer him other things, but if he is not familiar with it, it is not going in his mouth! There are a few things we can get him to eat, but no enough to fill him up each day. But at least he is getting healthy food instead of junk all the time.

He is still OBSESSED!!!! with Max and Ruby!!! I really want to find everything to be able to have his 2nd birthday be Max and Ruby themed.

One major accomplishment we have recently done was to get him to wear hats!!! Before you would be lucky to get a hat on him for more than 5 seconds. But one night I put a hat on him and stood him in front of the mirror and that was all it took! So then I got his sunglasses ( again, he wasn't a fan) and put them on him in front of the mirror, and ta-da, he loved them!

He loves playing outside. He loves to splash in puddles of water. I'm sure our water bill is going to be outrageous this summer!

Well I'll do another update soon with pictures.

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Katherine said...

Shoot, don't feel bad if he still eats baby food - be glad that you are able to keep him fed and healthy! Who cares if it's made by Gerber or Mommy? :) I think you're doing a GREAT job with Nathan - look at how smart he is!