Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why am I even writing this....

So I know I haven't posted in awhile, but seriously...who am I kidding, no one reads this anyway.

But tonight, I shall write.

My husband recently heard about a job possibly opening up. The course ( golf course) isn't even finished yet, which makes it even better. Getting to be there for the construction is a big thing. Any who, the thing about it is, is that it is in Owasso,OK!!! I never pictured my self living in OKLAHOMA!!! But for some reason, I am super excited about this. It would be an answered prayer.

I told him that he needs to have everything in an envelope, stamped and ready to be put in the mail as soon as he hears something about it.You see, moving up in the golf course industry is kind of hard to do. He has been at the same level for 6 years now!!! And he has had at least 3 bosses already. I think it is time for him to get to step up a notch, and obviously it isn't going to happen at his current place of employment :(

He has a friend at said golf course, so we are hoping that this friend could pull some strings for him. Ohhhhh I would love for him to be a superintendent at this golf course. This is what he has been working hard for , for so long. It would make the long summer hours worth it for sure!

Anyway, Well that is what has been going on. Positive thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!!

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Katherine said...

oh good luck guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That husband of yours totally deserves a promotion!!!!
And I read your blog all the time so keep writing even if it is just for me ;)