Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just a little update

Well it looks like our chance of moving to Owasso isn't going to happen. The superintendent didn't get the job, like we were hoping for. Therefore that means no job opening :( I was really looking forward to moving. I had been looking at houses, trying to figure out where things were... I was really excited. This was a dream job for Kyle. He deserves to be a superintendent somewhere. And I want that "somewhere" to be close. I know this is his year, something good will open up and he's going to move on up the ladder!! Until then, I'll keep praying for his chance.

On another note, We just had the Snow Storm of 2010!!! Thank goodness it was a snow storm and not an ice storm!!! Last year we had the worst ice storm ever!!! I never want to go through anything like that ever again!!!!!! (maybe later I'll edit this and add some pictures) We were so worried about this storm, I called a tree service and had them come out and cut back 3 very scary trees in our front yard! I'm glad we didn't have to hear any branches snapping or trees falling over this year! I have never been so stressed in my whole life while waiting for this storm to get here. But that is a whole other post, ha!

Anyway... well that's what has been going on in the Soller household.

Peace out :)

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The Perks of Being Young and Married said...

wow, ya we haven't had much snow here, and good thing too... we have quite a few trees in our backyard.. and aren't looking forward to hearing them crack from the weight of it... hope everything is going well! and hoping there will be no more snow for you guys!