Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When it rains, it pours!!!

So I think it is safe to say that today has been pretty stressful!!

To start my day off, I hear a ticking coming from the kitchen. I couldn't figure out what it was! then as i got closer to the dryer ( our washer and dryer are in the kitchen) i put two and two together. It freaked me out!! So I call my mom to tell her all about it, and for some reason i went outside and looked in the little storage room that it outside our house. I see WATER!! So then I begin to cry!!! Why do all of this have to happen in one day?!

I called Kyle, crying. Asking him to come home and turn the breaker off and figure out what is going on with every thing. so of course he was speeding, and of course there has to be a cop on the road he was taking. Thank goodness the cop had sympathy for him, and he got away with a warning.

So Kyle, came home, turned off the breaker and went back to work. Upon him returning home from work, we find out that the hot water heater had been leaking since who knows when. So he turns that off, and he starts draining it. And while it is draining he went to Lowes to get the new outlet for our dryer. I am so proud of him for taking charge and changing it. He gets intimidated when it comes to home repair things.

So, he changes the outlet and we decide to not fill the water heater back up. Most likely the bottom is about to go, and we don't really know since it is sitting on the ground. But anywho... So i start a load of laundry and he yells to me " i think the washer is leaking" WHAT!!!! So i go in and the assess the situation. There is a nice puddle on the ground! WONDERFUL!!! So then I look even further to notice that the dryer hose is not attached to the dryer. GREAT!!! So I get my skinny little butt back there to start cleaning up the mess. TONS of lint everywhere!!! It smells like mildew back there, who knows how long we have had a leak back there. And of course I can't find the special tape that we used to connect the dryer hose to the back of the dryer... so now i have a load of laundry just sitting in the dryer, and the washer. looks like I'll be up to my ears in laundry!

Wow, i just heard a crazy sound come from the bathroom. I guess since we forgot to turn the hot water back to the off postion in the bathtub it made a crazy gurgling sound. So it looks like my morning will be filled with calling around trying to find the best deal on a new hot water heater, and i am crossing my fingers not to have to look for a new washer. Because we still don't have the one we have paid off yet!!! Oh Lord, please help me!!!! I need a break from all this house hold repair crap!!!

And to top things off, we are expecting a nasty day full of rain and thunder storms which could possibly produce strong winds and hail! I pray that the storm tomorrow is weak and passes quickly.

Please, if you read my blog, say a prayer for me!!! I need any that I can get. I feel a stress ulcer starting in my stomach, and I really don't need that right now.

But on top of all that has gone wrong today. I am thankful.. I am thankful for a wonderful, loving husband who takes care of me and Nathan. I am thankful for my wonderful mother who is helping us out with the hot water heater, and I am thankful for our health. I see beyond the dark cloud that seems to be looming over me right now, and I will put on my sunglasses, because behind every dark cloud there is sunshine, and I know this will pass.

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Katherine said...

You have such a great attitude, lady! I'll put my shades on for you, too!