Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Looking back

So I don't think I have ever touched on this subject, but it is just something I was thinking about.

Going back to when I was pregnant,when I was huge!!! Not just huge, but HUGE!!!!! It was so awful towards the end of my pregnancy. Not only was it summer time, with 100 degree temperatures, but it was kind of a busy summer, which meant my fat butt had to get out in that awful heat, carrying an extra 40-50 pounds!!!

Why was I so huge you ask? Well let me just tell you. I can't remember extactly when my doctor noticed, but I think it was around 6 or 7 months. Every time she would measure the fundal height, it started getting a lot bigger than it should. At the end of my pregnancy before I was induced my belly measured at 43 weeks, when in fact I was only 36/37 weeks pregnant! After many ultrasounds of watching the fluid levels ( should have been around 24, mine was around either 28 or 30 something, I can't remember exactly) I was ordered to come in EVERY WEEK, TWO TIMES A WEEK, FOR A MONTH!!!! While it kind of sucked to go up there so much, and having to wait in the waiting room A LOT, it was reassuring to hear my baby moving around in my belly. I LOVED that sound.

There were some days where he didn't move as much as they wanted, so I would drink some juice to get him going, and then he would go nuts! I think he just liked to nap around that time! And one day, he didn't respond so much to the juice, so my doctor buzzed my belly and that got him up!

So what is causing all of this fluid? It's something called polyhydramnios. There really isn't a known reason for it, but some complications that could cause it or that could happen due to this problem are kind of scary. I am glad I didn't google it too much when I was pregnant. One situation that may be the cause of this is that there are birth defects. The most common birth defects that cause polyhydramnios are those that hinder fetal swallowing, such as birth defects involving the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system. So my doctor wanted to rule this out, with a some what of a detailed ultrasound ( I say that because they were wanting to send me to another hospital to have a better scan done, I didn't think it was really nessasary, because what could we do to change it? NOTHING! We would deal with it, when he was born) But on this scan done at the local hospital, everything looked great, praise the Lord!

The lady that preformed my ultrasounds, told me that she had the same thing happen to her and that there was nothing ever wrong with her child. That made me feel so much better, a little peace of mind if you will.

So fast forward to me around 36 weeks. Huge as a house and sweating like a beast! I beg my doctor every time I see her, to induce me! I had finally started to dialate, so that was a good sign. There was no way that she would have let me go until my due date, but I needed to dialate a little before considering inducing. I asked her if she thought my water might break because I had so much fluid and she told me that there was a chance.

I was so scared to go out anywhere in public for the fear of that happening! I knew it wouldn't be just a little puddle or anything like that. I knew it would be a sight to see! Thank goodness it didn't ever happen. My nurse joked with me saying that it would be like dropping a 5 gallon bucket of pickles on the ground!!!

Oh my gosh it was the grossest feeling when they did break my water in the hospital. The poor nurse that was picking up the towels that were used to soak up the fluid, said that she was glad she had her Wheaties that morning, and she was getting a work out. To this day, the doctors and nurses still know me!

So the whole time I'm dealing with all of this I never really thought too much about my self and what could happen to me. I guess that is what happens when your a mom. But the possible things that could have happened and do happen to women who deal with this are that the placenta could tear away from the wall before delievery. Therefore resulting in a lot of bleeding that may or may not be stopped. Or something called PROM (
premature rupture of membranes). Or worst, Nathan could have been born stillborn.


I am so thankful for every day I get with my baby boy! He is my world, and for that I am THANKFUL!!


Katherine said...

"dropping a 5 gallon jar of pickles" and "glad she had her wheaties" HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Too funny! I had no idea about the fluid retention you were experiencing though - I'm glad everything turned out ok!

Jayme Soller said...

That picture I posted wasn't even around the time of me having Nathan!!!