Monday, October 19, 2009

I've got fever!!!

Seriously, If one more person announces that they are having a baby, I am going to SCREAM!!! I'm not even sure I could handle two kids right now... well in 9 months, but I miss being pregnant! I miss feeling the baby move, I miss the ultrasounds, I miss looking at cute little newborn clothes. I MISS IT!!!! I don't however miss the NAAAAASTY diapers, the formula, the spit up, etc.

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm getting really depressed over it. I know right now there is no way we could afford to have another one, but if everyone waited till they could afford to have a baby, well there would be a lot less babies. I know I need to trust in the Lord, He will provide.

Right now we are waiting for Kyle to at least get a better paying job. But in his industry, it is kind of hard to move up. He has been at the same position for almost 6 years now!!! 6 YEARS!! He has been through at least 3 bosses, and every time one would get fired, he was always looked over and they always hire someone else.

Every night I pray for him to get his break. He has amazing ideas and the guys that do work for him, admire him. Trust him, and are loyal to him.

Right now I am very happy and feel extremely blessed to have Nathan in our lives. I do, however, think he might be a little happier to have a baby brother or sister to grow up with.

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