Thursday, September 24, 2009

That thing you do.

So it has been a little while since I have updated and I thought I would update on the latest things that Nathan is doing!

Since turning 1 it seems like his vocabulary has doubled! Everyday he is learning a new word or words.
The List:
Map( yes my son likes Dora the Explorer. I think it is mainly because of Boots!)
What's That
No No
Thank you

I'm sure there are a few more, but hey its 11:08 pm and my brain is a little foggy right now.

He has also started walking in the past few days. Leading up to this HUGE milestone were a few little steps here and there... and then one night... BAM!!!! I was holding on to his hands and let go and he just took off! One of the most cutest moments yet!!!! He still prefers to crawl, and why not. He can get around much faster on the trusty ol' hands and knees. I give lots of credit to one of his new toys from his birthday... behold

His (great)cousin's Jeremy and Kristen bought this for him, and he LOVES it!!! It has really helped him learn to walk correctly ( he liked to walk on his tippy toes before) I highly recommend this Train!

Another AMAZING thing he has started doing.... get this... putting away his toys!!!!! I hope this continues, well, forever!!! And he has taken a huge interest in his books now which is wonderful. He must get that from his daddy!

He loves music! I recently put Kyle's keyboard in his room and loves to turn it on and play with all the different effects on it. He loves to dance anytime he hears music, which i love!! He shakes his little booty and smiles!!! Ohhhh its just so darn cute!

I am hoping that all these wonderful little quailties continue through life. And if f I have say, which i do cause I'm the mom :), they will!!

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★ Hollie ★ said...

Awee, your little one is a cutie!!!

happy First Birthday to the little guy!!!