Friday, September 4, 2009

Here's to one amazing 1st year!

Dear Nathan,

Wow, we made it son!!! We made it a whole year together, and prefectly healthy (well one little ear infection) and happy too!! My dear sweet baby boy, you have made mommy and daddy more happy than you will ever know. We have loved every minute since you came into our lives.

Mommy and Daddy have been looking back at pictures of you, from when you were just minutes old to pictures of you learning to sit up on your own and so many more. You amaze me every day with something new that you have learned. It is such an amazing thing to see you go from this little itty bitty baby that was so helpless to this sweet adorable little boy that loves to do things on his own! Watching your face as you learn new things is priceless.

You have been such an amazing little baby. You now (that mommy actually takes you out :) :)love going places, seeing new people and doing new things. No matter if you have had a nap or not, you are willing to shop and be out, and i love that!! I see other kids that scream and cry,but not you! You are an excellent child and i love you even more for that. God couldn't have given us a better child, for that we are truly thankful and feel very blessed.

When it comes to being a mother, there are no trophies handed out for changing the most poopy diapers or getting peed on the most, but you, little bubba, when you crawl up to me and wrap your little arms around my neck and look into my eyes, that.... surpasses any trophy i could ever recieve. It melts my heart into a puddle of mush everytime you stop what you are doing and come hug me. Thank you for letting me know I'm doing a good job.

Well little turkey butt, this has been one of the best years and it is all thanks to you. Thank you for bringing such joy to each day. For putting smiles on our faces and filling our hearts with joy and laughter. We are looking forward to see what type of little boy you are going to be. I have a feeling that you will be a silly, sweet, mellow boy with a slight wild side and a love for music and animals. We shall see, and love you just the way you are.

Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

Happy 1st birthday baby boy!!!

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