Sunday, January 18, 2009

1st TOOTH!!!!

So, I'm not really sure if in fact this is a tooth coming. Nathan's doctor said it could be something else... I can't remember the name, but it was something like pearl something or other. He has been a little cranky lately, but I was just thinking it was from his shots. He was a little better a few days later. But today when I put him in his swing, I thought I saw a little something. My hands weren't "clean" ( meaning I hadn't washed them in the last 5 minutes) so I used his burp rag to try to look. Of course he tried to eat is, so I didn't get a good look. So this evening while were playing in his room, I decided to try to look again. I put my pinkie in his mouth and rubbed it along his bottom gum line, and sure shoot, I felt something. Something sharp and what appeared to be white!

I had bought some teething tablet a while back. So looks like they are about to be put to good use. I plan on calling his doctor in the morning , just to get some advice. You would never know that the boy is teething. Well except for if you hand him anything it goes straight to the mouth. But that should be expected at his age. He is only cranky if he is tired. I get a kick out of how he acts. It's rather funny.

I can't believe my little baby boy is growing up so fast. I love watching him everyday. Watching what knew things he has learned to do. Watching him get excited over a favorite toy. mmmm I love that little boy so much!!!

I will try to post pictures of this new little tooth, try is the word!!! Silly boy doesn't like having his picture taken ( we are going to have to fix that little problem) I'm getting an AC adapter for my camera soon, so that means I will be able to leave the stinkin' thing on for more than a few seconds before it dies.

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