Sunday, February 1, 2009

The boy is growing!!

So a lot has happened with Nathan since turning 4 months old. He had his shots and he was still cranky after a few days. I read that that can be expected. Well turns out the little guy was getting his first tooth!!! The about a week and half later, what do you know. There is another tooth coming in. He is handling it very well.

He has also learned how to roll over. and let me tell you, he thinks it is the coolest thing ever. You can't lay him on his back now for more than a minute before he is rolling over. Kyle and I both got to witness the first roll from front to back. We were so happy for him. But now... I wish he hadn't learned it yet. He is so hard to get dressed now, or even change his diaper. I thought was hard with him kicking his legs and not wanting to straighten them out when we needed him to. This my friend, is a whole other story.

The little guy is growing up so fast. I can't believe is almost 5 months old already. Time has flown by so fast. I am so thankful that I can stay at home with him. I would hate to miss out on all of his " Firsts".

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Mrs. H. said...

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Happy Valentine's Day! :-)